Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Poetry Heartspill # 16

My tree

gazing upward
I grasp a fistful
of leaves to examine

Some weathered
some cracked
dark green
light green

but a few dead

in confusion
I wander the tree

more. dead. leaves.

not enough for
a pedestrian to

but for me
that loves the tree
these few
leaves shock me
to the core

I start to
dig around the trunk

"the roots
the roots"

I exclaim

I know where the answer
will begin to show itself

I tire quickly
keep digging

my hands ache

this process
takes longer then

but I know I cannot tarry
cannot stop

i must get to the roots!

the blonde one

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lyrical Love # 3

My song of joy and hope :)

When my heart is leery
of another day
and my eyes would
just like to close
When my breath becomes
softer still

You lead me here
Right to the cross
And at this moment
My world is at loss

You hold me tightly
Infuse me love

Your overwhelming love

the blonde one

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poetry Heartspill # 15

Where have I gone
I'm lost
Wandering in the darkness
Grasping for light

Trying not to sever
the only ties to hope I have

Smiling, broadly, painfully
wanting someone to look past
the darkness inside
See more
See ME

My daily struggle is to fight
not give up

So please
don't give up on me

I'm already broken enough

the blonde one