Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poetry Heart Spill #4

Childhood Fears

I sat there
A hard hospital bed
my front row seat
You came in
Smiling wickedly
A freakish face and balloon animals
Keeping me from true focus
In the middle of your office
A three ring circus
Here you did tricks
Mystifying me with what I did not know

Terrified I huddled
Not wanting to switch roles
Having been many times before
I knew you would make me
Costume change
Mine a paper gown
Yours just two letters
In place of a red nose

I covered my eyes
Tried to send myself to dreams
You had played a mean trick
It was like
A scary movie I tried to forget-
only to keep the nightmares away

It's all your fault
I have fears

With your face washed-
A bad man would stand centerring
No one believed me
(a child afraid of you?)
They wiped my tears with presents
A stuffed cat as protection

I sat there
Pleading silently

I told them I've always hated clowns

the blonde one

Poetry Heart Spill # 3

bridge city

music blares; mosquito bite wake up call
air already filled with the smell of sizzling meat
bright sun, blue skies fall on landscape
still covered in debris, trees

lines of cars start at noon
open arms, engulfing hugs comfort
food runs out; we'll scavenge for more

work ends when generators click off
tiredly talking, hearing stories of destruction

a hurricane unites

the blonde one

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Poetry Heart Spill # 2

Being Pulled
Can't Understand


Simpier times

Were they imagined?

With age
beauty wisdom

Being pulled
letting go while
holding on


the blonde one