Monday, August 4, 2008

Poetry Heart spill # 1


It was me you hurt.
Me who trusted you with my heart
I don't think you ever even knew that.
It was me who put hope in a phone call that never came.
Me who turned a deaf ear to the people I trusted the most
when opinions of you weren't high
Me who held on to the good times
when there weren't any in the future
Did you know I put you on a pedestal?
Compared every guy to you.

It was me who wanted you to find me irresistible

It was me who cried over you--then swore I'd never do it again.
It was me who felt safe in your arms
Though I knew you always let go

It was me who was addicted.

It is me who is swimming upstream to let go
Me who finally knocked you off the pedestal
Me who is yearning to move on

It's me who no longer melts at the sound of your voice
Me who still just wants to know what you meant by it

Did you know it was me?

And did you know it is me who can't find the words to not get hurt again
And yet can't find the words to move from this place in my heart

So tell me the truth but don't you dare touch my heart.

It is me

The Blonde One

Why Yes I am Blonde...

So basically I wanted a new fresh clean slate for some poetry-riffic goodness...I want to write again!